UNION exhibition Jose Bravo | Nelly Van Oost during schmuck 2015

We are really please to annonce the exhibition UNION during the next Schmuck 2015. 

Each of us forges links with someone, it is hard to explain how, yet the experience sounds so simple, natural. Between Nelly Van Oost and Jose Bravo, it just clicked, the connection was immediate: an artistic and human love at first sight. As if their paths were meant to cross. Working together sounded obvious to them. Their universes of creation complement each other and make them crossing their artistic limits.

UNION was born from this need to work together. Since August 2012, they have been exchanging, building up dialogues between photography and contemporary jewellery. Each of them, through their own specialty, values this connection. For «RENCONTRES», their first project, Jose Bravo spent 10 days capturing moments of Nelly Van Oost’s everyday life and from these pictures and time spent together, Van Oost created jewels.  In June 2014, the Spanish photographer once more entered Nelly’s universe in order to carry out the project «INSTANT». The process reversed since the latter invited him to take an artistic look at some moments of exchange during which jewels are transformed through a physical (and human) exchange between two people.

For this new step in their collaboration, Nelly Van Oost and Jose Bravo want to make the most of a place and give the opportunity for the public to discover their work. Their exhibition will be articulated around several modules, unveiling their common as well as their personal work. The theme of union will be explored to the full extent. 

Jose Bravo: josebravophoto.wordpress.com

Nelly Van Oost | jewellery
Jose Bravo | Photographie
12-15 of march 2015  11h | 19h
Opening: 12 of march 13h
Adalbertstraße 11
                80799 München