Petit chemin


Petit Chemin, September 2009 – April 2010

Creating connections makes me feel alive, feeling things. I have always thought that my path is sprinkled with encounters, which sometimes make me change directions or wonder about my own life. The others are to me an enigma, new worlds to be discovered. Life is full of crossroads forcing you to take decisions. I chose for my “petit chemin” to follow three junctions and to walk along them in my project. During my search, I realized I was not working on Phylicia’s or Tilly’s own identity but on the common identity we were creating during our meetings. My pieces are based on my interpretation of these moments.


Junction n°1 Tilly

These are pieces inspired by the moment spent with a childhood friend, linking the interpretation of the girl in my memories and the current Tilly. These pieces deal with possession and loss.












Junction n°2 Phylicia

I didn’t know Phylicia before starting this project, through which we discovered each other. These pieces are my interpretation of the equilibrium existing between the private world of Phylicia and the different external worlds where she lived (she has occupied nine different houses).


   Installation April 2010


Installation April 2010


Junction n°3 La Chaine

This chain is made of 255 chains from 21 different countries. I wanted, through this project, to make tangible what is intangible, creating a jewel which would gather the impalpable connections surrounding us. The initial idea was based on the desire to understand my own connections to create a jewel with a universal reading. Many people were touched by this project and desired to take part in it. My approach consisted in involving people with different cultures and personalities in a single jewel.

This jewel is a collection of jewels which belonged to the daily life of their former owners ; they are full of their history. This project is still exhibited with the photographs of each chain mentioning the name, the country of the person it belonged to, and its history. This necklace is, in a way, charged with a magnetic force, linking it to all these people. The chain of chains stands for the unity lying under the complexity of connections.








   Installation April 2010


Installation April 2010