Who hasn't drawn pictures of willies on tables or even on the door of a public toilet? That's what got me thinking... These penises are spontaneous and a bit provocative, but moreover that are an essentially funny representation of the male sex. Through this series I evoke memories of common spaces. I want the viewer to recall stories. Stories that will make them remember a personal anecdote, or a mental image. I would like my penises evoke a sense of humour, as something that they can easily connect with.

This series also raises the question of the taboo around sex. The subject of sex is no longer profane, it is talked about amongst friends or even among strangers. We talk about sex in all kinds of situations, the subject is a catalyst: it strengthens friendships, creates conflicts, makes people laugh ... Indeed, it was something around this social aspect of the discussion of sex that appealed me. Just think of Tinder, sex is everywhere, on our phones, televisions etc.... Everyone is looking for that perfect match, that perfect someone, who matches their own criteria. The common aspect is that everyone is looking for the "best." Could I be with a more handsome partner? Should I just be happy with the person I am with? We want everything and fast as these social networks have developed a sort of mechanism of permanent selection. Sex becomes a consumer product like any other.

Through the collection Incipit (the word incipit designates the first words of a story), I would like to stimulate direct and immediate feelings. I seek to provoke a reaction. What happens when you wear a penis on the top of your jacket? Perhaps a smile, encounters, new stories to come ...

Brooches - New silver, paint, steel

Caro Dentro wearing her Incipit brooch.

Caro Dentro wearing her Incipit brooch.

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Boys Do Cry


Necklaces - new silver, paint, gold